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Pelagic Seabirding Trip News

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    Howdy, Calbirders, Shearwater Journeys has just completed the first six of thirty three pelagic seabirding trips this season. Highlights have been many,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2014
      Howdy, Calbirders,

      Shearwater Journeys has just completed the first six of thirty three pelagic seabirding trips this season. Highlights have been many, including: HAWAIIAN PETREL; SALVIN'S ALBATROSS; LAYSAN ALBATROSS; SCRIPPS'S and CRAVERI'S MURRELETS; first BLACK-VENTED, BULLER'S and FLESH-FOOTED SHEARWATERS; first ASHY and BLACK STORM-PETRELS; a single LEACH'S STORM-PETREL; first SABINE'S GULLS; NORTHERN GANNET and BROWN BOOBY and TUFTED PUFFINS. 

      This week, I posted quite a lot of new images on the blog:
      Bryan Hix's images:

      Images by Scott Terrill:
      Images by Todd McGrath:

      To read Three Pelagic Birding Trips: 33 Species of Seabirds:

      For a recap of the season to date: Loving Seabirds: A Snapshot in Time:

      Shearwater Journeys is a well established, internationally renown company with nearly four decades of offering pelagic seabirding trips from ports that span the entire length of California, from Eureka to San Diego. Currently, we offer trips departing from Monterey Bay, Half Moon Bay, and Bodega Bay. We've indoctrinated many, many boat captains to the world of seabirds and marine mammals, beginning in 1976 when such a thing as birders going out on boat trips was foreign to them. More than 65,000 folks have joined our trips over these many long years.

      Without a doubt the backbone of our trips is the leaders on board who are rejoice in seabirds, over and over again. How else could one explain Scott Terrill's presence on boat trips since the 1960's? 

      Our leaders include: Peter Pyle, Steve Howell, Jon Dunn, Steve Rottenborn, Scott Terrill, Linda Terrill, Todd McGrath, Dave Pereksta, Sophie Webb, Brian Sullivan, Abe Borker, Lisa Hug, Steve Hampton, Tim Miller, Steve Tucker, Jim Holmes, Clay Kempf, Rick Fournier, Jennifer Green, Nick Levendosky, Dena Spatz, Jim Danzenbaker, Tom Johnson, John Garrett, Marisa Ortega-Welch, Courtenay Ray, Al De Martini, Gerry McChesney, Adam Searcy, Mary Gustafson, and other guest leaders and chummers. 
      As one person exclaimed, "This list reads like 'Who's Who in Birding." To read more about our leaders and see their biographies:

      To date, though the most popular post (I guess because these people look so darn happy) has been: Dads Take Their Chicks to Sea:

      With 27 trips still to go, we have a lot on offer this season. You can see our entire program here:

      Monterey Bay is the classic seabirding location, great for beginners, but still able to turn up a rarity (I spotted a Hawaiian Petrel on August 2, 2013. So, the rare birds are still cranking out of Monterey. Half Moon Bay has had its share of rarities, too. It is easy to reach for folks who live in the Bay Area. And, no port in the entire USA has cranked out more rare and mega-rare seabirds than Bodega Bay (Trips onvSeptember 1, Labor Day and September 19). 

      I hope you'll be on board when we call out, "Skuaaaaaa!" Once we saw so many South Polar Skuas, that I got the entire boat to call out, "Skuaaaa" as each and every one flew in to the wake! Such is life at sea!

      Shearwaters Forever, 
      Debi Shearwater

      Shearwater Journeys, Inc.
      PO Box 190
      Hollister, CA 95024

      Birding Down Under: SubAntarctic Islands, November 9 - 25, 2014 with Debi, SOLD OUT
      Russian Far East Voyages: May/June 2016 with Debi, berths available

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