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Seabirding with Alvaro's Adventures

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  • Alvaro Jaramillo
    A warm greeting to you all. I hope you are having a great summer, catching up with some breeding birds, and maybe starting to see shorebird migration in your
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2014

         A warm greeting to you all. I hope you are having a great summer, catching up with some breeding birds, and maybe starting to see shorebird migration in your local patch. Very soon we begin the late summer and fall schedule of pelagic trips out of Half Moon Bay, Monterey and Bodega Bay and we hope you can join us. We are sold out on our July 26th, but there is an Aug 9th Farallon trip, and Aug 16 trip to offshore San Francisco waters, both from Half Moon Bay. Here is our schedule: http://alvarosadventures.com/boat-trips/pelagics/


      Why travel with us? Well, we do it differently. We have a fun time out there, we educate, we see a heck of a lot of great birds, and we treat the beginner and expert with the exact same level of interest, compassion and attention. We get as excited about your lifer Hawaiian Petrel, as your first Sooty Shearwater! We are priced right, compare with other operations going out of the same ports on the very same boats. We never charge a fuel surcharge, once you pay you will never have an unpleasant surprise at the dock. You can book online using your credit card, simple as can be. Heck we even bring out treats and coffee.


      While we have been around but a few years, but we are chock full of experience, Alvaro has run pelagics in Chile, North Carolina, Hawaii, Easter Island to name a few. He has even helped to describe a new species of seabird, the Pincoya Storm-Petrel from Chile. Alvaro loves to teach. He teaches about seabirds for the American Birding Association IFO workshops, for the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, and is guest lecturer for the Master Birder class offered by Golden Gate Audubon and the California Academy of Science. Our leaders include seabird experts from here and beyond, including well liked local birding teachers such as Bob Power, Lisa Myers, and Matthew Dodder. Names who have been around seabirding for years, like Dan Singer, Peter Metropulos, and the up and coming younger folks such as Logan Kahle and Alex Rinkert and transplanted east coast seabirder Zach Baer. These are enthusiastic folk, who point out the birds, and help you through the seabirding process. Being on a boat is not always the easiest of birding, so we try to make it a good day out for you. We see and find the goodies, from record numbers of Wilson’s Storm Petrels one day, to well-rounded trips of the expected seabirds on another, to superb finds like Great Shearwater, Yellow-billed Loon, Short-tailed Albatross, White-chinned Petrel, Hawaiian Petrel, Brown Booby, and more. And we have only been around a few years to accumulate these exceptional sightings! The next few years promise to be equally amazing and exciting, whether your quest is a Buller’s Shearwater, or a crazy rarity, we will be out there trying to get a good look for you.

      We are trusted by major organization that have partnered with us. Alvaro’s Adventures has worked with the American Birding Association, Sierra Club Outings, The Gay Birders of North America, San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society, Sequoia Audubon Society, Monterey Audubon Society, Idaho Bird Observatory, Monterey Seabirds, and Brian Patteson of Seabirding Pelagic Trips in Hatteras, North Carolina among others. Alvaro is also on contract with National Audubon Society on a team that is devising a curriculum and program to train local birding guides in various Latin American countries as a way to conserve birds through the economic incentive of birding tourism.


      But the main reason of all, is because we have an amazingly high return rate by clients to our trips. This is why each year increase the number of trips we run. People leave with a smile on their face, and they return for more. Come on out, give it a try! Our only apology to you is we know we know you will be hooked and want to come back for more, sorry about that.


      See you at Sea!




      Alvaro Jaramillo




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