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Re: [NBB] July northern CA wish list

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  • G. Mugele
    ... Hi Darrell Lee, Your friend mentioned he was coming out from Brunswick to visit you this month. I was talking to him about birding locales in that area at
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 9, 2002
      At 10:47 AM -0700 7/7/02, snorkler@... wrote:
      >A friend of mine is coming out from Georgia next weekend and has the
      >following wish list of lifers.

      Hi Darrell Lee,

      Your friend mentioned he was coming out from Brunswick to visit you
      this month. I was talking to him about birding locales in that area
      at the time. I'd love to show you some of the wanted species in and
      around Sonoma county by since getting back from FLETC I haven't had
      time to bird my own garden.

      I noted that you omitted Blue Grouse from the list, does he have that
      one already? If not Kings Ridge Rd out of Cazadero is a pretty
      reliable place. The area is also potentially good for Vaux and maybe
      the vireos... although I have to admit that I've never birded for
      passerines up there at this time of year.

      Great Grey ought to be findable at Ackerson (sp?) Meadow.... off of
      the road to Hetch Hetchy ...the last left turn from hiway 120 before
      you get to Yosemite.

      A good number of the species you seek are fairly reliable in NE
      Calif..... Lassen, Eagle Lake, Susanville, Honey Lake areas.... are
      you thinking of going in that direction at all? If so I can provide
      more specific information.

      BTW I'm Gerry Mugele from Glen Ellen. If you're inclined, you may
      call my cell at 707 322-5301.

      Good luck out there and please say Hi and thanks for the help finding
      the Red-Cockaded etc. Never did find a blasted Painted Bunting but
      discovered a colony of Grey Kingbirds which was a very big surprise.


      >Brandt’s Cormorant - Point Reyes Nat'l Seashore, Monterey Bay Aquarium
      >Pelagic Cormorant - Pt. Reyes, Monterey Bay
      >Sage Grouse - Mono Lake?
      >White-tailed Ptarmigan - ?
      >Mountain Quail - Yosemite, Yuba Pass, Gates Canyon (Solano)
      >California Quail - lots of places
      >Black Oystercatcher - Point Reyes
      >Wandering Tattler - ?
      >Black Turnstone - Bodega Bay
      >Heerman’s Gull - Point Reyes, Carmel/Monterey
      >Western Gull - sure thing
      >Glaucous-winged Gull - Point Reyes
      >Elegant Tern - Crissey Field?
      >Common Murre - Point Reyes lighthouse
      >Pigeon Guillemot - Monterey Bay, Bodega Bay
      >Marbled Murrelet - ?
      >Rhinoceros Auklet - Farallones
      >Flammulated owl - Yosemite (HennessRidge, Merced Grove? specifics?)
      >Great Grey Owl - Yosemite meadows (any in particular?)
      >Northern Saw-whet Owl - ?
      >Black Swift - ?
      >Vaux’s Swift - ?
      >Lewis’s Woodpecker - Mono Lake (South Tufa)
      >Williamson’s Sapsucker - Yosemite
      >Red-breasted Sapsucker - Yosemite
      >Ladder-backed Woodpecker - Gates Canyon or PRBO
      >Nuttall’s Woodpecker - Gates Canyon or PRBO
      >White-headed Woodpecker - Yosemite
      >Black-backed Woodpecker - Yosemite
      >Hammond’s Flycatcher - Yosemite
      >Dusky Flycatcher - Yosemite
      >Pacific-slope Flycatcher - PRBO
      >Cassin’s Vireo - ?
      >Hutton’s Vireo - ?
      >Warbling Vireo - ?
      >Yellow-billed Magpie - enroute to Gates Canyon
      >Chestnut-backed Chickadee - Gates Canyon or PRBO
      >Oak Titmouse - Gates Canyon or PRBO
      >Townsend’s Solitaire - Yosemite
      >Varied Thrush - ?
      >Wrentit - Point Reyes, Mix Canyon
      >Sage Thrasher - Mono Lake?
      >California Thrasher - Mix Canyon (Solano)?
      >Townsend’s Warbler - PRBO?
      >Hermit Warbler - Yosemite
      >California Towhee - we'll get this one
      >Brewer’s Sparrow - ?
      >Sage Sparrow - Mono Lake?
      >Tri-colored Blackbird - dairies on Point Reyes?
      >Gray-crowned Rosy-finch - Yosemite
      >Cassin’s Finch - Yosemite
      >Lawrence’s Goldfinch - Mines Road near Livermore?
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