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  • gema_cotri
    Hello! Maybe some of you remember me, just a couple of months ago I displayed a survey about birding-related activities at this forum. Well, I have processed
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28 3:17 PM
      Maybe some of you remember me, just a couple of months ago I
      displayed a survey about birding-related activities at this forum.
      Well, I have processed the results, and now, after correcting some
      little mistakes, I would like to display a new version.

      Anyway, as the obtained results are valid and the questions are more
      or less the same, I would like to ask for not to answer the survey to
      all the people that completed it the previous time.

      So, please, if you didn't fill it before and would like to help me
      (this survey is part of my final proyect, the last step in order to
      obtain my university degree), just complete it and send to my e-mail

      Thank you again for your attention, and sorry if I have any mistakes
      with the language!


      Gema Cotrina
      Student at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia – Spain

      1. Country of origin / city:

      2. Gender
      0 Male
      0 Female

      3. Age:
      0 Less than 30 years old
      0 Between 30 and 40 years old
      0 Between 40 and 50 years old
      0 Between 50 and 60 years old
      0 More than 60 years old

      4. Occupation:
      0 Student
      0 Worker
      0 Retired

      5. How often do you go birding?
      0 Every week
      0 Twice a week
      0 Once a month
      0 Once every two months

      6. Which are your favourite destinations? (Is possible to check more
      than one option)
      0 Mountain/countryside
      0 Wetlands
      0 Coast
      0 Other places (specify):

      7. Have you ever travelled to a foreign country in order to practise
      0 Yes
      0 No

      8. If the previous answer was afirmative (if not go to number 9):
      - Specify last five destinations:

      - How many trips have you taken in the past year:
      0 1
      0 2
      0 3
      0 4
      0 More than 4

      - Normally, how do you organise the trip?:
      0 Making all the arrangements by yourself
      0 With a specialised travel agency, birding club, etc

      - Average duration of travel:
      0 Less than 1 week
      0 Between 1 and 2 weeks
      0 Between 2 weeks and 1 month
      0 Between 1 and 3 months
      0 More than 3 months

      - How much money do you usually spend?
      0 Less than 600 € (594 $)
      0 Between 600 and 800 € (594$ and 792$)
      0 Between 800 and 1000 € (792$ and 990$)
      0 Between 1000 and 1300 € (990$ and 1288$)
      0 Between 1300 and 1600 € (1288$ and 1585$)
      0 More than 1600 € (1585$)

      - Did you do another type of activities during any of the trips?
      0 No
      0 Yes. Specify type of activity: 0 Cultural
      0 Nature-related
      0 Sporting
      0 Others

      - In which type of acommodation do you usually stay? (possible to
      check more than one option)
      0 First class hotel
      0 Tourist class hotel
      0 Camping
      0 Eco-lodge
      0 Hostel
      0 Others (specify):

      9. Do you like birding:
      0 With a group of people
      0 Alone or with one or two fellow-birdwatchers maximun
      0 Is indifferent for me staying alone or with more people

      10. If you like birding with more people, from which number of people
      would you start to feel unconfortable and wouldn't enjoy as much as
      you liked?
      0 In a group with more than 5 people
      0 In a group with more than 8 people
      0 In a group with more than 12 people
      0 I'm not sure from which number I would start to feel uncorfontable

      11. When you visit a natural park (you can check more than one
      0 Normally I like to visit the visitors centre
      0 Normally I go directly to the place where I'm going to observ birds
      0 I usually buy in the park field-guides or another material that I
      think it will be useful during my visit
      0 I get information about the possibility of practising another type
      of activities (sporting, cultural activities, etc) in the sorrounding
      0 Normally I'm only interested in birdwatching

      12. Have you ever been to Spain?
      0 Yes. In which place/s:
      0 No

      13. If you have visited Spain, did you do birdwatching-related
      activities during your trip?
      0 Yes. In which place/s:
      0 No

      14. Do you know that Comunidad Valenciana (Castellon, Valencia and
      Alicante) can offer birdwatching?
      0 Yes
      0 No
      0 No, mainly because I don't know where Comunidad Valenciana is

      15. Which birdwatching destinations arround the world do you consider
      as "top ten destinations"? (something like the most important birding
      places). Please, write down 4 destinations:

      Thank you very much for your answers!
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