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RE: Blue footed booby Los angeles

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  • dan_cooper_90042
    Hi all - Back home (can t use Yahoo Groups on my phone for some reason). This morning, at around 7:45 am, I found a Blue-footed Booby far offshore Gladstone s
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 12, 2013

      Hi all - 

      Back home (can't use Yahoo Groups on my phone for some reason). This morning, at around 7:45 am, I found a Blue-footed Booby far offshore Gladstone's restaurant which is on Pacific Coast Highway at Sunset Blvd. in Pacific Palisades. I'd parked at the northern end of a row of street-parked cars just above the beach, and just south of the southern end of Gladstone's large pkg lot. I was scanning directly offshore for shearwaters which were moving past. One of the first birds I focused my scope on was an immature-type booby, sitting on the water roughly half-way out (roughly where the glassy inshore water hit the darker/deeper water). I spent about 15 min. trying to get a better look (this was at the far range of a scope-identifiable view), and the next hour trying to use my terrible 3G iphone camera through my 40x (Kowa) scope.

      I posted the sighting to the L.A. Co. RBA Facebook group maybe around 8-8:30, and left messages for a couple folks' cell phones (including Kimball Garrett's) and went back to studying the bird and taking notes (I later submitted it to ebird, hoping that some folks might have access to that). I was able to observe nearly entirely whitish underparts, with a suffusion of grayish-brown around the edge/side of the neck and auriculars, a whitish (-looking) throat, but some darker color starting around the chin. It appeared darkest around the face. The head/nape contrasted with the darker brown upperparts, which appeared to have some faint pale feather edging. It flapped once in about an hour of observation, and I was able to see it had whitish at the base of the tail/rump (also visible when it was facing away from me), as well as extensively pale wing linings. It had a very long, darkish bill, but this would "flash" pale, as would the crown and neck, depending on the angle - the sun was fairly low, and the light, while not really bad, was not ideal either.

      Eventually, Dave Bell called around 10 or so letting me know he'd refound it sitting on a buoy far offshore, but roughly in the same area, just south of Gladstone's. He also phoned around 15 min. ago (noon) letting me know the whole area is now socked-in with fog. 

      This site is where there's been a huge feeding flock (Heerman's Gulls, pelicans, cormorants, w/ BV Sherawaters offshore), so hopefully everything might stick around for a bit.

      Dan Cooper

      Oak Park, Ventura Co.

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      The blue footed booby found by Dan cooper is currently feeding off of the north end of Santa Monica beach

      David Bell
      Pasadena ca
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