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June ABA Article: CORRECTION!!!

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  • Joel Weintraub
    Chatters and others. The June 2002 issue of BIRDING has an article on Leading Field Trips (p. 258) published by an anonymous author. I wrote most of that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2002
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      Chatters and others. The June 2002 issue of BIRDING has an article on
      Leading Field Trips (p. 258) published by an anonymous author. I wrote most
      of that essay in 1996 with the help of 26 BirdChatters. I did NOT submit it
      to the journal, although the author's description could match my background.
      I alerted the ABA immediately to this situation, and the last few days we
      have been discussing remedies. I expect the August issue of Birding to
      correct the record, but in the meantime please note:
      1. A ''thread" on leading field trips appeared on BirdChat in 1996 in
      response to Lisa Bryan's question; I had access to Lisa's file of responses.
      2. As a result of that thread and my own experiences, I posted an extensive
      essay on the subject on 26 July 1996. See:
      3. I've since used that essay in s. California classes. Past handouts to my
      ornithology students and docent trainees at Upper Newport Bay start with the
      same sentence: "This essay by Joel Weintraub appeared on BirdChat, an
      Internet birding lister board; it is a summary of many e-mail letters of the
      group." If that sentence was lacking , a search of the BirdChat archives,
      or even a simple query to the bird list groups on the Internet should have
      produced information on my authorship and the history of the essay.
      4. Compare the 1996 BirdChat essay to the article in BIRDING. There is some
      updating of material, but most of the BIRDING article is DIRECTLY off of my
      1996 essay, most phrases verbatem. There is no reference to the BirdChat
      discussion. (There's actually more tips in the 1996 essay.)
      5. My July 1996 posting named 26 Chatters who contributed to the trip
      leading thread or essay. Ted Floyd, new editor of BIRDING, will acknowledge
      their names when the record is corrected. They are: Lisa Bryan, Frederick
      Thurber, Macklin Smith, Bob Behrstock, Rich Ditch, Richard Danca, Paul
      Cypher, Todd Newberry, Bruce Brydon, Pete Janzen, Dave Eshbaugh, Georgann
      Schmalz, Gail Mackeirnan, Dave Rintoul, Al Delorey, Chris Earley, Paul
      Guris, Sue Hughes, Trevor Quested, Alan Brush, Jeff Price, Steve Sosensky,
      Marty Michener, Rose Petersen, Burt Guttman, and Sandra Skrei.
      6. I have been told that the BIRDING article was submitted by a person who
      gave the impression that "her" article was a consolidation of her own
      efforts from many unattributed sources. She eventually requested to be
      anonymous. The editors were never aware of the true source of the article.
      7. BIRDING has agreed to acknowledge me as author of the June article. I
      will appear as the author in any index to BIRDING. If any of you cite the
      article on leading field trips, please show me as the author.

      I'm happy the article and its contents has gotten to a wider audience, but
      lots of birders will be dismayed as to how we got there.

      Please feel free to circulate this posting among other birding groups.

      Joel D. Weintraub, Dept. of Biological Science, California State University,
      Fullerton (and Dana Point, CA)
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