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Ranger 85 vessel apprehended

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  • Steve Hampton
    Fish & Game (now Cal Fish and Wildlife) just released this about the Ranger 85 out of Ventura. Seems they were a bit out of control. I m not aware of any
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 2013
      Fish & Game (now Cal Fish and Wildlife) just released this about the Ranger
      85 out of Ventura. Seems they were a bit out of control. I'm not aware of
      any pelagic birding trips with this vessel, but they do whale-watching. I
      share this because in the past some have had concerns about birders using
      vessels that have a history of unethical practices.


      *From:* CDFWNews [mailto:CDFWNews@...]
      *Sent:* Wednesday, March 20, 2013 11:02 AM
      *To:* CDFW_All
      *Subject:* CDFW Wildlife Officers Stop and Cite Channel Islands Fishermen

      *(This news release is being sent to all CDFW employees) *

      California Department of Fish and Wildlife News Release

      March 20, 2013

      *Media Contacts: *

      Lt. Wes Boyle, CDFW Law Enforcement, (805) 331-7051

      Mark Michilizzi, CDFW Law Enforcement, (916) 996-9003

      *CDFW Wildlife Officers Stop and Cite Channel Islands Fishermen*

      California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) marine officers cited
      several boats for fishing in the Marine Protected Areas and other resource
      violations near the Channel Islands on Sunday.

      Wildlife Officers from the CDFW patrol boat *Swordfish*, based in Ventura
      Harbor, contacted three private boats and one commercial passenger fishing
      vessel (CPFV) and found violations onboard all four boats.

      Anglers on the private boats were cited for fishing inside a Marine
      Protected Area, fishing without a license, taking a rockfish in a closed
      area and two citations for taking rockfish in water deeper than 120 feet.

      The fourth boat, *Ranger 85,* an 85-foot long CPFV was stopped and
      inspected at the Osborne Bank, 5 miles south of Santa Barbara Island,
      inside the Cowcod Conservation Area (CCA). Fishing in the CCA is restricted
      to depth of 120 feet or less. The boat was fishing at a depth of at least
      170 feet. The captain and five crew members were cited for multiple Fish
      and Game Code violations, including take of rockfish in closed waters, over
      limits of ocean whitefish and over limits of general fishing. The limit on
      ocean whitefish is 10 per day per angler and the boat had 371 ocean
      whitefish, 195 assorted rockfish, 12 sheephead and 33 boccacio for 30
      anglers, and a total of 611 fish, well over the legal limits.

      �The Marine Protected Areas were established to help fish species recover
      and thrive,� said Lt. Wes Boyle, captain of the *Swordfish*. �Every
      fisherman and boat captain needs to be 100 percent aware of the MPA areas
      and boundaries.�

      The captain was also cited for a logbook violation.

      The *Swordfish* returned to Ventura Harbor and with the help of several
      local wildlife officers made arraignments to donate the fish to several
      local food banks and charities.

      In the first three months of this year the *Swordfish* has issued 39
      citations, 33 of those were for fishing in an MPA, as well as five dock and
      shore citations for possession of undersized lobster, take of garibaldi,
      and commercial take of undersized sea urchin.

      For complete listings of the Marine Protected Areas go to
      http://dfg.ca.gov/mlpa/ncmpas_list.asp or on a smart phone at

      # # #
      Steve Hampton
      Davis, CA

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