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hep tangr @arrastre creek, SBCo/more on "Rare Birds" movie

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  • Thomas Miko
    Hello Birders, If you have birding S California for a long time, skip to the last paragraph about how to see the movie Rare Birds . I went up to Arrastre
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6 5:50 PM
      Hello Birders,
      If you have birding S California for a long time, skip to the last
      paragraph about how to see the movie "Rare Birds".
      I went up to Arrastre Creek, in the dry north-facing eastern portion of
      the San Bernardino Mountains, San Bernardino County, this morning. This is
      east of Big Bear Lake and Baldwin Lake, and directions to get there are in
      the Lane Guide.
      At the intersection of road 2NO2 and Arrastre Creek there was a female
      Hepatic Tanager, that posed out in the open, on a snag of a pine
      tree. There were also male and female Calliope Hummingbirds, Black-headed
      Grosbeaks, Chipping Sparrows, a Phainopepla, Steller's + Scrub + Pinyon
      Jays, House (!?) and Cassin's Finches, and a Mockingbird (???). At the
      intersection of roads 2NO2 and 3NO3 I parked the Jeep, and walked downhill
      (northwest) on 3NO3. At 0.8 miles from this intersection there are a very
      large rock in a curve in the road, and then a piece of corrugated steel,
      next to each other. At this bend in the road 1, but possibly 2 Gray Vireos
      were calling. Despite walking up and down the slippery, rocky hillside, I
      never got a decent look at one. There were also calling Black-chinned
      Sparrows, an Olive-sided Flycatcher, and Mountain Chickadees, along with
      more jays.
      Birds that I did not see in this area today, that I have seen in the past,
      included Common Nighthawk and Clark's Nutcracker.
      The water level in the creek is much lower than usual, and the San
      Bernardino Mountains' towns have water-conservation signs posted. Baldwin
      Lake is a dry, powdery lakebed. Big Bear Lake's eastern end is quite
      shallow, and there were very few waterbirds, all of them "common" gulls and
      ducks, with no grebes anywhere on the whole lake.
      At Green Valley Lake Campground there was an accipiter that maybe
      gee-it-coulda-been but-it-got-away possible Goshawk.
      I have been looking for web sites for the movie "Rare Birds", and have
      only found Canadian websites. The film is playing in movie theaters in
      Canada, but not here. I stopped at Hollywood Video this afternoon to rent
      some films, and guess what was there on the shelf??? After I click on the
      computer's send button, I'm going to fire up the popcorn machine...
      Thomas Miko (Mikó Tamás)
      2445 Oswego Street
      Pasadena, CA 91107

      home: (626) 793-2133
      page: (310) 366-9990
      cell: (626) 390-1935


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