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RBA: 19th Feb - 3rd Mar, 2013, Northwest California Bird Box

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  • Robert Hewitt
    FEBRUARY 19th – MARCH 3rd, 2013 - NORTHWEST CALIFORNIA BIRD BOX REPORT - RBA * Northwestern California Bird Alert *4 March 2013 CANW0604.02 hotline:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2013
      - RBA
      * Northwestern California Bird Alert
      *4 March 2013
      hotline: Northwestern California Bird Alert
      date(s): 19 February – 3 March 2013
      number: (707)-822-LOON (5666)
      to report: (707)-822-LOON (Do not send reports by e-mail)
      coverage: Northwestern CA (Del Norte, Humboldt, and Trinity Counties)
      compiled: 1 March 2013 at 5:30 p.m.
      transcriber: Robert W. Hewitt
      Birds mentioned:
      Greater White-fronted Goose
      Blue-winged Teal
      Eurasian Wigeon
      Northern Fulmar
      Rough-legged Hawk
      Heerman's Gull
      White-throated Swift
      Prairie Falcon
      Say's Phoebe
      Northern Shrike
      Palm Warbler
      Nashville Warbler
      Yellow-headed Blackbird
      Tricolored Blackbird

      19 Feb,
      A pair of BLUE-WINGED TEAL was at the Arcata Marsh, South I Street Pond, tucked in the vegetation before the railroad tracks, reported by George Ziminsky.
      22 Feb,
      A EURASIAN GREEN-WINGED TEAL was at the Moxon Dairy, Arcata Bottoms, Tony Kurz.
      23 Feb,
      The pair of BLUE-WINGED TEAL continued at the Arcata Marsh, South I Street Pond, from George Ziminsky.
      25 Feb,
      A NORTHERN FULMAR was seen at the Woodly Island Marina, Eureka, by Meghan Still and Tony Kurz, oddly inside Humboldt Bay. They also reported a flyover WHIMBREL and an immature HEERMAN'S GULL also at Woodly Island Marina/Indian Island Eureka.
      26 Feb,
      A SAY'S PHOEBE was in the Arcata Bottoms, along the V Street Loop reported by Phil Choan, who also saw several TRICOLORED BLACKBIRD that were at the Lanphere Dairy in the Arcata Bottoms as well as a juvenile dark MERLIN near the Hammond Trail Bridge.
      27 Feb,
      A possible vocal WHITE-THROATED SWIFT was at the Blue Lake Cottonwoods Rob Fowler.
      A YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD was in the Ferndale Bottoms, Goble and Fulmar Rd, by Phil Choan, who also reported a pair of WOOD DUCK and a PRAIRIE FALCON in the Loleta Bottoms, Hawk Hill Road.
      28 Feb,
      A NORTHERN SHRIKE was at the Arcata Marsh, I Street Dog-leg, Rob Fowler.
      Annie Meyer reported a singing NASHVILLE WARBLER from Sunnybrea residential, Chester Ave. Arcata.
      1 Mar,
      Tony Kurz reported a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK on Old Arcata Road, Faye Slough Bottoms as well as a single GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE in with the "cacklers," he also saw a male EURASIAN WIGEON further north on Old Arcata Road, at the Bayside Pond.
      A NORTHERN SHRIKE was along the V street Loop, Arcata Bottoms Casey Ryan.
      3 Feb,
      A PALM WARBLER was at the Arcata Marsh, Treatment Marsh vicinity, reported by George Ziminsky.
      An adult NORTHERN SHRIKE was in the Arcata Bottoms, at Foster and Polaris, Robert Hewitt, who also saw a MERLIN on the Arcata Bottoms at Dolly Varden Road.

      We also have a continuing report on NWCalbird of the immature male BALTIMORE ORIOLE, still at Sky Lloyd's house in Crescent City.

      This is the weekly summary of reports from the Northwestern
      California Bird Alert, sponsored by the City of Arcata, Redwood Region
      Audubon Society, and generous support from area birders. Most
      birds reported are in Humboldt County unless otherwise noted.
      Birds in caps under the "highlights" section have about 50 (plus
      or minus 5) records of occurrence in Northwestern California as
      defined in Stan Harris's "Northwestern California Birds" (3rd
      edition, 2005). California Bird Records Committee review species
      are noted with an asterisk (*).On another note, you can subscribe to Northwestern
      California Bird Alert this listserv at:
      This listserv receives audio messages, which are called in to the
      Northwestern California Bird Alert. One of the benefits of using
      this listserv is that it saves on your long-distance phone bills by
      receiving messages in your e-mail, of which typically appear within
      5 minutes of the message being called in. Messages
      get sent as .wav files and they come as attachments. Broadband helps. Average file
      size is 270kb and max size is about 1 MB.
      Good Birding!

      Yours Rob Hewitt,

      Eureka, California
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