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RBA: Feb 11-18, 2013 NW California Bird Box

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  • Robert William Hewitt
    *FEBRUARY 11th - FEBRUARY 18th, 2013* - NW CALIFORNIA BIRD BOX REPORT - RBA * Northwestern California Bird Alert *19 February 2013 CANW0604.02 hotline:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2013

      - RBA
      * Northwestern California Bird Alert
      *19 February 2013

      hotline: Northwestern California Bird Alert
      date(s): 11 February � 18 February 2013
      number: (707)-822-LOON (5666)
      to report: (707)-822-LOON (Do not send reports by e-mail)
      coverage: Northwestern CA (Del Norte, Humboldt, and Trinity Counties)
      compiled: 19 February 2013 at 8:30 a.m.
      transcriber: Robert W. Hewitt

      *Birds mentioned:*

      Rufous Hummingbird

      Say's Phoebe

      Palm Warbler


      Chipping Sparrow

      Evening Grosbeak

      11 Feb.

      A PALM WARBLER was between the Healthsport Fields and the Parkway
      Apartments in Arcata, Robert Hewitt. Gary Bloomfield reported 3 EVENING
      GROSBEAKS in his yard in Arcata, on Ziendner Avenue.

      12 Feb.

      Two SAY�S PHOEBE were chasing each other at the intersection of Jans and
      Bay School Road on the Arcata Bottoms at the edge of town, Greg Chapman.

      15 Feb.

      A RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD was in Sunnybrea residential, Annie Meyer. Another was
      at the Arcata Marsh, along Sparrow Alley seen by Tony Kurz.

      16 Feb.

      The continuing immature male BALTIMORE ORIOLE was still occasionally
      returning to orange slices in Crescent City, 646 B Street and was seen by
      John Oliver and Gene Lodes. See photo provided by Sky Lloyd at whose
      feeders this bird has been seen.

      17 Feb,

      A CHIPPING SPARROW was at the Arcata Marsh between Gearheart Marsh and the
      Brackish Pond, Casey Ryan.

      18 Feb,

      A RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD was reported by John Oliver from Shay Park, Arcata.

      This is the weekly summary of reports from the Northwestern
      California Bird Alert, sponsored by the City of Arcata, Redwood Region
      Audubon Society, and generous support from area birders. Most
      birds reported are in Humboldt County unless otherwise noted.
      Birds in caps under the "highlights" section have about 50 (plus
      or minus 5) records of occurrence in Northwestern California as
      defined in Stan Harris's "Northwestern California Birds" (3rd
      edition, 2005). California Bird Records Committee review species
      are noted with an asterisk (*).On another note, you can subscribe to
      California Bird Alert this listserv at:
      This listserv receives audio messages, which are called in to the
      Northwestern California Bird Alert. One of the benefits of using
      this listserv is that it saves on your long-distance phone bills by
      receiving messages in your e-mail, of which typically appear within
      5 minutes of the message being called in. Messages
      get sent as .wav files and they come as attachments. Broadband helps.
      Average file
      size is 270kb and max size is about 1 MB.
      Good Birding!

      Robert W. Hewitt
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      Eureka, CA, 95501, USA
      (707) 601-8581

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