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Re: [CALBIRDS] RFI: California

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  • MiriamEagl@aol.com
    Hi, Nathan! Don t know if you ll be in the San Diego area at all, but if so, here are some suggestions:
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 2, 2001
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      Hi, Nathan!

      Don't know if you'll be in the San Diego area at all, but if so, here are
      some suggestions:

      << -California Gnatcatcher: Best place is Lake Hodges: Take I-8 east to I-15
      north to West Bernardo Drive (it's a ways) and go left. Just before the stop
      light is a large parking area with a trailhead that takes you down to
      Bernardo Bay. If you end up turning at the light and going into the park,
      that's okay, too; there are trailheads here that go to the same place (and
      potties in the main building, too); take the middle of the three trails that
      head out from the parking lot.

      -Tricolored Blackbird: Try Lindo Lake: take I-8 east to hwy 64 north; when
      the freeway ends turn right on Mapleview. Make an immediate right onto
      Maine, and go left on Lakeshore. You'll come to the lake shortly, but the
      good reedy habitat is on the far side of the lake; you'll have to walk!

      -Gray Vireo: Try Lost Valley Road: A long drive from San Diego, but it's the
      most reliable place for Gray Vireo: from El Cajon take highway 67 north
      through Ramona, where it changes to 78. Take this all the way to Santa
      Ysabel, and make a left on highway 79. Follow this to Warner Springs, go
      through town (which consists of a fire station, school, and resort,
      basically), and start looking for Lost Valley Road off to the right (or a
      sign for Indian Flats Campground). Take this road about four miles in, and
      look for a "no campfires" sign (I think that's what it says) on your right;
      this is the area the vireos are most often seen and heard.

      If you want to try somewhere closer for the vireos (but not as reliable IMO),
      try Kitchen Creek Road: Take I-8 east well out into east county (at least 40
      miles), past the turnoff for Cuyamaca State Park, and exit Kitchen Creek
      Road. Go north, and if you have a 4WD vehicle, pull into Cibbets Flats
      campground and go up Fred Canyon Road for about a mile, where there will be a
      BIG pulloff on the right with a big tree or two. The Pacific Crest Trail is
      on the opposite side of the road, and I've usually found Gray Vireos along
      the first quarter to half mile of this trail. If you DON'T have a 4WD car,
      continue on Kitchen Creek Road past the campground, and on past a gate which
      should be open. Vireos have historically been found anywhere along the main
      road in this area.

      -Bell's Sage Sparrow: The most reliable spot is Mt. Gower: From I-8, take
      hwy 67 north to Ramona, and turn right on the intersection with hwy 78 (look
      for a sign for San Diego Country Estates). Take this road all the way out to
      a golf course, and go left on Stage Gunn (I think that's the name; there's a
      little strip mall on the left so you really can't miss it). Follow this to
      the very end where it dumps you into the preserve, and take the trail up from
      the parking area. At the top of the hill bear right at the intersection;
      there can be sparrows anywhere in here.

      -Thick-billed Fox Sparrow: I've only seen them up in the San Bernardino
      Mountains; hopefully someone with more experience can guide you on that one.

      -Belding's Savannah Sparrow: The easiest place in San Diego is South Bay:
      From Tijuana Slough, go north and turn right on Palm Avenue. Turn left on
      Rainbow, then make another left onto the Silver Strand (highway 75). Follow
      this road and keep an eye out for a tall heron-shaped sign on your right;
      this is the entrance to the South Bay Marine Biological Study Area. (You
      might get the Royal Tern here, too.) If you go up into Orange County, you'll
      practically step on 'em at Bolsa Chica Lagoon!

      -Large-billed Savannah Sparrow: Salton Sea seems to be the easiest place to
      get this bird; I've had them at Johnson's Landing at Salton City along the
      rocks by the dikes.

      Hope this helps! Take care,

      Mary Beth Stowe
      San Diego, CA
    • Todd McGrath
      Dear Calbirders: Many birders have taken part on a Monterey Bay pelagic trip, but there are several other exciting destinations that far fewer birders have
      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 3, 2001
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        Dear Calbirders:

        Many birders have taken part on a Monterey Bay pelagic trip, but there
        are several other exciting destinations that far fewer birders have
        experienced. The Cordell Bank is a little over 20 miles off of Bodega Bay,
        and has produced some of the most spectacular rarities in CA, particularly
        in the summer. Great-winged Petrel, Shy Albatross (3 records on Shearwater
        Journey trips), Dark-rumped Petrel, Light-mantled Sooty Albatross, and
        Short-tailed Albatross have all been recorded in the summer season. While
        most birders tend to take trips in the September to October period, Summer
        often produces the best rarities, along with an excellent diversity of
        species. There are trips to the Cordell Bank August 12, 20 and September 7,
        29, all with space available.

        Even less well known are scheduled trips from Fort Bragg. These trips are
        a relatively new addition to the schedule, and there is still much to learn
        about the distribution of pelagics in these waters, but early results are
        encouraging. A Dark-rumped Petrel was found last August, along with a
        Markham's storm-petrel, and these trips generally record high numbers of
        albatross, so a rarity is a real possibility. Trips from Fort Bragg are
        scheduled for Aug 18 and Sep 5 and 19. The Sept 19 trip needs some
        additional participants in the next week or so to ensure its viability.

        I hope to see some of you on a pelagic this summer!

        For information about these and other trips, call Debi Shearwater at
        831-637-8527 or visit the new website at www.ShearwaterJourneys.com

        Todd McGrath
        Marina Del Rey CA

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