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    Howdy, Birders, You can find trip reports for four recent Shearwater Journeys s pelagic trips at:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2012
      Howdy, Birders,

      You can find trip reports for four recent Shearwater Journeys's pelagic trips at:

      Highlights were many, including six species of shearwaters; five species of storm-petrels; all three jaegers and more. The mega seabirds were a light morph WEDGE-TAILED SHEARWATER and MANX SHEARWATER, both spotted by Peter Pyle on our Farallones Islands trip, September 30th. Images at the above link. The continuing NORTHERN GANNET was present on Saddle Rock.

      Join us on any of the following trips:
      October 6 from Monterey with Clay Kempf, Jennifer Green, Abe Borker, John Garrett, Jim Holmes and Debi Shearwater
      October 7 from Half Moon Bay with Gerry McChesney and Debi Shearwater
      October 14 from Monterey with Rick Fournier, Clay Kempf, John Garrett and Debi Shearwater
      October 26 from Bodega Bay with Peter Pyle, Lisa Hug and Debi Shearwater
      October 28 from Half Moon Bay with Debi Shearwater and TBA
      November 20 from Half Moon Bay with Todd McGrath and Debi Shearwater

      October is a great month to get out there! Last year, we saw at least one, and as many as four, Flesh-footed Shearwaters on every October trip. It is also a great time to be able to pick out a mega� such as the Wedge-tailed Shearwater, or a Parkinson's or White-chinned Petrel. In past years, we've also seen Short-tailed Albatross during late October.

      Shearwaters forever,
      Debi Shearwater

      Shearwater Journeys, Inc.
      PO Box 190
      Hollister, CA 95024

      Birding Down Under: SubAntarctic Islands, November 10 - 28, 2014 with Debi

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