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  • Scott Smithson
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30 10:28 PM
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      On 9/30/12 9:41 PM, "Ann" <ann_dobie@...> wrote:

      >A superb view of the COMMON CUCKOO was enjoyed at 6-6:20 pm on 9/30 along
      >the foot path just off Ohlone Pkwy, along the western branch of
      >Watsonville Slough, this just below Landmark School. We were perhaps 100
      >yards in from Ohlone Pkwy along the path that follows on to the Nature
      >Center in Ramsay Park, on Harkins Slough Road, a good place to park then
      >take the path under the bridge and go along to the south west for 1/4
      >mile. For further info on this latest siting, email me.
      >Dobie Jenkins
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