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Fw: overnight deepwater pelagic results, Aug 13-15

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  • Barbara Carlson
    The double-overnight pelagic trip aboard the Grande from San Diego out to the edge of the shelf over 100 miles to the southwest departed San Diego at 7AM
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2012
      The double-overnight pelagic trip aboard the "Grande" from San Diego out to
      the edge of the shelf over 100 miles to the southwest departed San Diego at
      7AM Monday and returned at 2PM Wednesday, August 13-15. It visited the
      9-Mile and 30-Mile Banks (in San Diego County waters) and the San Clemente
      Basin southwest to the edge of the shelf to some 95nm SSW of San Clemente
      Island (in "Los Angeles County" waters). Highlights included a BROWN BOOBY,
      STORM-PETRELS, and juvenile Rhinoceros Auklet. The results were:

      Black-footed Albatross: 32  (a good count for these waters at this time of
      year, and including 15 around the boat at once out at the shelf edge on
      Pink-footed Shearwater:  113
      Sooty Shearwater:  290
      Black-vented Shearwater:  62
      Leach's Storm-Petrel:  160  (including several as close in as about 15-18
      Ashy Storm-Petrel:  7  (including 2 as close as the 9-Mile Bank 11 nm
      Least Storm-Petrel:  2  (30-Mile Bank on 8/15; seen only by a few)
      Black Storm-Petrel:  125
      BROWN BOOBY:  1  (San Diego waters 10.8nm W of Point Loma on 8/13)
      RED-BILLED TROPICBIRD:  7  (a good total, 2 in San Clemente Basin on 8/13
      and 5 along shelf edge on 8/14)
      Brown Pelican:  included 1 some 30 miles out on 8/13
      Black Oystercatcher:  2 on Ballast Point, San Diego harbor, on 8/13)
      Red-necked Phalarope:  48
      Red Phalarope:  190
      Sabine's Gull:  13 (including a juvenile arrival only 3 miles off Pt Loma,
      Heermann's Gull:  included 1 bird some 43 miles offshore on 8/13
      Arctic Tern:  1  (low)
      Common Tern:  39  (as far offshore as ca. 60 miles)
      Long-tailed Jaeger:  1  (low)
      Pomarine Jaeger:  24
      GUADALUPE MURRELET:  3  (all at shelf edge on 8/14)
      SCRIPP'S MURRELET:  2  (near 30-Mile Bank in SD Co. waters 8/15; rare in
      Cassin's Auklet:  10
      RHINOCEROS AUKLET:  2 (rare in summer; 1 in each county 8/15, including a
      cleanly feathered juv with a small, entirely dark bill 27nm SE of San
      Clemente Is.; certainly capable of flying here from breeding areas well to
      the north, but seemed a bit early for such an arrival this far south)

      Also multiple Blue and Fin Whales, Humpback Whale, some type of beaked
      whales, Risso's Dolphins, Guadalupe Fur Seal, etc.

      --Paul Lehman,  San Diego

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