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9830News from the California Bird Records Committee

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  • Kimball Garrett
    Jan 18, 2012
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      The Western Field Ornithologists' California Bird Records Committee held
      its annual meeting on 13-14 January 2012 in Los Gatos. The terms of
      members Paul Lehman (CBRC chairman), Dan Singer (CBRC vice-chairman) and
      Joe Morlan expired; note that CBRC by-laws mandate three-year terms,
      with members eligible for reelection after taking a year or more off the
      committee. Members elected to take their place were Jon Dunn, Peter
      Pyle and Steve Rottenborn. The role of Chair will be filled by Kimball
      Garrett for the next year, with Dave Compton as vice-chair. Guy McCaskie
      continues in his role as CBRC Secretary.

      Two species were deleted from the CBRC Review List: Trumpeter Swan and
      Yellow-throated Warbler; records of these species beginning 1 January
      2012 will not be reviewed by the Committee. However, we urge those who
      observe these species (and all other rarities) in California to
      thoroughly document sightings and provide details to the appropriate
      North American Birds regional or sub-regional editor.

      We are grateful to H. T. Harvey and Associates for hosting the meeting
      and generously supplying the bagels, sandwiches and pizza that got us
      through many long discussions; many thanks to CBRC member Scott Terrill
      for arranging this.

      As always, detailed information about the CBRC and its review list and
      official state list, along with photos of rarities, can be found at:

      http://www.californiabirds.org/ Our thanks to Joe Morlan for
      maintaining this site and keeping it up to date, and to Jim Tietz for
      his help with the on-line CBRC database.

      Kimball L. Garrett

      Ornithology Collections Manager

      Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

      900 Exposition Blvd.

      Los Angeles, CA 90007 USA




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