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9796Re: Crested Caracara at Ballona Wetlands (Area A)

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  • Christopher Taylor
    Jan 13, 2012
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      Per Dany's note at 11AM, the Crested Caracara was perched in a tree just
      south of Jefferson Blvd. within the Ballona Freshwater Marsh. It was
      there until around 11:30AM when it flew west and landed in another tree.
      It perched there for around 10 minutes when a Red-tailed Hawk started
      harassing it and caused it to take flight again.

      We all observed as it circled over Ballona higher and higher and
      eventually toward the Marina. When I left at 11:45AM it was at least
      10,000' above the Marina del Rey area - probably right above my house.

      I took some photos and video. If you're interested in seeing the video
      footage, please e-mail me privately.


      In regards to this being the same bird(s) in the SD area, I think it
      might be more likely to be the same Caracara that was observed at the
      Pt. Mugu Naval Station in Ventura Co. between Dec 20th and (last eBird
      sighting) on Jan 6th.

      For those not familiar with the area, here's a link to a map of the
      Ballona Freshwater Marsh - hopefully it will stay in the area.


      Christopher Taylor
      Marina del Rey, CA

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      Could this be the bird that was in being seen in the San Diego area last year?

      Terry Brashear
      Hennepin County, MN
      birdnird AT yahoo.com

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      Hi Rick - I noticed it was a flight shot (great shot too!).

      Did you observe it for a while. Did it land, did it continue off in a
      particular direction?


      Christopher Taylor
      Marina del Rey, CA

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      Good day fellow birders,

      This morning, January 13, 2012 at 8:15am there was a Crested Caracara in Area A of the Ballona Wetlands area. For those not familiar with Ballona by it's "area" designations, this area is next to (north of) the bike path between the Culver Boulevard bridge and the marina at Marina Del Rey. I'm not very familiar with this species so I can't give you a lot of details about it but you can see a picture of it on my flickr stream.


      Happy Birding, Rick

      Rick Pine
      Los Angeles, CA
      Ballona Wetlands / Ballona Creek


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