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97Re: [CALBIRDS] Red-crowned Parrot Added to California State List

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  • Ed Stonick
    Jul 31, 2001
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      Thanks for the good news! I just wondered what some of the criteria and
      thinking is behind such decisions. The ABA checklist has had Red-crowned
      Parrot for some time. Also, there have been other parrot species around for
      quite a number of years now.


      [Ed Stonick]

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      Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2001 11:27 AM
      Subject: [CALBIRDS] Red-crowned Parrot Added to California State List

      > Calbirds:
      > The California Bird Records Committee has officially added
      > Red-crowned Parrot to the California state list as an Introduced
      > species. On your copies of the state list, insert between the
      > PARROTS (Family Psittacidae)
      > Red-crowned Parrot, Amazona viridigenalis -- I
      > The CBRC makes no rulings on "countability" of individual
      > populations of Red-crowned Parrots within the state, but in
      > the interest of addressing this issue I will point out that
      > the major populations of the species lie in the San Gabriel
      > Valley of Los Angeles County, with smaller but still
      > significant populations in urban central Orange Co., the
      > northern San Fernando Valley LA, and portions of w. San Diego
      > and w. San Bernardino Counties.
      > See www.parrotproject.org for more information.
      > I know this is a red-letter day for California birders, and I am
      > looking into having 31 July declared as a State Holiday. But
      > seriously, it does add a species (albeit non-native) to the
      > official state list. The CBRC will probably look at additional
      > non-native species over the next couple of years.
      > -- Kimball Garrett
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