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96Red-crowned Parrot Added to California State List

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  • Kimball Garrett
    Jul 31, 2001
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      The California Bird Records Committee has officially added
      Red-crowned Parrot to the California state list as an Introduced
      species. On your copies of the state list, insert between the

      PARROTS (Family Psittacidae)
      Red-crowned Parrot, Amazona viridigenalis -- I

      The CBRC makes no rulings on "countability" of individual
      populations of Red-crowned Parrots within the state, but in
      the interest of addressing this issue I will point out that
      the major populations of the species lie in the San Gabriel
      Valley of Los Angeles County, with smaller but still
      significant populations in urban central Orange Co., the
      northern San Fernando Valley LA, and portions of w. San Diego
      and w. San Bernardino Counties.

      See www.parrotproject.org for more information.

      I know this is a red-letter day for California birders, and I am
      looking into having 31 July declared as a State Holiday. But
      seriously, it does add a species (albeit non-native) to the
      official state list. The CBRC will probably look at additional
      non-native species over the next couple of years.

      -- Kimball Garrett

      Kimball L. Garrett
      Ornithology Collections Manager
      Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
      900 Exposition Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90007 USA
      (213) 763-3368
      (213) 746-2999 FAX
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