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9431Galileo Hill/Silver Saddle Fall Birding Status

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  • Bob Barnes
    Sep 1, 2011

      Communication with Silver Saddle staff as of this Thursday morning,
      September 1, 2011...

      Please read Galileo Hill/Silver Saddle Ranch & Club 2011 Fall Birding
      Status, Expectations, & Requirements...

      Continuing as during this past spring migration birding period...
      * birders check in at office all days
      * early birders who arrive before office staff are present check
      in when office opens
      * park in main parking lot in spaces next to pond
      * birding grounds any weekday is OK (bungalow and hotel
      exceptions noted below)
      * no formal groups of birders on weekends and long weekend holidays
      * "a birder or a few birders here and there on the weekend is ok"
      * birders stay out of the hotel/motel courtyard
      * birders stay away from the bungalows
      * birders - do NOT interfere with guests/members in any way
      * restaurant open to the public for 5pm-8pm Saturday dinner;
      8am-10am Sunday breakfast
      * motel open only to members and sales guests
      Some birders come to Galileo Hill/Silver Saddle based on ABA's "A
      Birder's Guide to Southern California." When birding Galileo feel
      free to pass on to them the information above so there is a less
      likely chance of an inadvertent action which leads to closure to
      birders (e.g.: check-in rule). Thank you.

      Happy & Productive Fall Birding,

      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern County, California

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