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9430Davis Wetlands new hours tomorrow

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  • Steve Hampton
    Aug 31, 2011

      First, the Common Ringed Plover at the Davis Wetlands appears to have moved on. Also, the shorebird habitat is drying up. (The westernmost pond at the Davis Wastewater Treatment Plant looks like it will be good for shorebirds soon, though.)

      The Davis Wetlands is open 7am-1pm MONDAYS ONLY from Sept 1 (tomorrow) thru Feb 15. This was the arrangement when the acquisition was made because hunting occurs on adjacent lands. Note that dove hunting season starts tomorrow.

      On a related note, the EASTERN KINGBIRD just found by Mary Schiedt at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (Yolo's first in 38 years!) will also be in a closed section starting tomorrow. The kingbird might be viewed from the east levee of the East Toe Drain, presumably accessed from the end of Marshall in West Sac and walking south. I've never done that before, but I have accessed it just north of there before.

      good birding,

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