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9351Banded Brown Pelican on San Clemente Island

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  • skaveggia
    Jul 19, 2011
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      International Bird Rescue (IBR)is currently doing a post release study on rehabilitated brown pelicans in California. Each brown pelican rehabilitated and released from the clinics in Northern and Southern California are fitted with a blue color band with white lettering and a silver federal band.

      This particular bird was banded and released 2/17/2009 as an "after third year" bird in Berkeley. If you see any of the birds please report them to the bird banding lab and reporting them directly to International Bird Rescue would be greatly appreciated as well.

      Below is the link and when reporting them to IBR just go to "Contact" and there is a link that says, "Report Blue Banded Pelicans".


      Susan Kaveggia
      Newport Beach, CA
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