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9277Greater Roadrunner in Siskiyou County re-found:

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  • richard s. cimino
    Jun 3, 2011
      For all the county birders the Siskiyou County Greater Roadrunner
      observed By Bob Stewart and myself on May 2 has been observed again.
      A general comment, Birders, when you see an unusual bird or a bird in an
      area not normally known as their habitat or distribution, hold on to the
      reins of your sightings and don't be afraid.
      Report your sightings.
      Rich Cimino
      Pleasanton, Alameda County

      From; _klamathbasinbirdnews@..._
      Hi all,
      About a month ago, two well respected birders found a greater
      roadrunner along the Lost River on the western dirt road going south
      from East/West Road near Tulelake. That is the one that will eventually
      take you past Discovery Marsh and ends at the refuge HQ on Hill Road. It
      wasn't until today did I learn the location of where the bird was found
      and drove that road a few times before going to the refuge HQ and let
      them know. I went out again looking for it with no luck and decided to
      do a little birding around the Peninsula and Petroglyph Point and on to
      the Lava Beds. When I did return to the refuge HQ, I was informed that
      two birders had just seen a roadrunner on the pavement near milepost 2
      on East/West Road right after I left earlier. Naturally I tried again
      with no more luck than I had earlier. _It has taken that bird a month to
      travel just about a mile from where it was first seen. If anyone is
      going for it, both sightings were of a bird that was easy to see and
      from their vantage points were unmistakably recognized as a Greater
      Roadrunner. _At the Peninsula, one fledgling golden eagle was just to
      the right on the nest and the other was till in it. barn owls were
      easily seen in the crevice to the north of the rock pile near the
      parking area at Petroglyph Point and the prairie falcon was seen in its
      nesting hole a bit farther down the road near the bend.
      Charlotte Ann

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