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920Re: Yahoo is sometimes impossible

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  • Matt Williams
    Apr 1, 2002
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      Bob and Carol, what is the unknown useless info they want? I followed
      the simple directions given here on CalBirds to set the Marketing
      Preferences to NO and I haven't gotten one single piece of Yahoo emails
      yet. All the questions on the Marketing Preferences page are Yes or No
      questions. It is easy to set them all to NO and from my experience they
      all stay that way.

      I realize this may temporarilly clutter up the listserv with a few
      "cries for help" messages, but on the other hand I know that there are
      at least eleven YahooGroups birding listservs for northern California
      alone and that could mean many different university hosts, with all the
      associated problems for subscribers.

      At the risk of annoying everyone, since this is aproblem universal to
      all the YahooGroups lists, I am going to cross post this to each of the
      eleven lists, but do it one-by-one so there won't be "Reply All" clutter
      added to our lives.

      Matt Williams

      Bob & Carol Yutzy wrote:

      >This is about Yahoo problems and not specifically birds!
      >I was wondering how many others are having impossible problems with
      >Yahoo and editing their market preferences.
      >I am into 3 hours over 3 days of wasting time and getting no results and
      >Yahoo sending me the same useless information over and over.
      >I sure yearn for a whole lot less email on Viagra/Herbal
      >Viagra/HotBods/MortageLoans/ and the rest of the unwanted garbage - and
      >just the requested BIRD info.
      >I am ready to go to accessing the Calbirds website and quitting Yahoo -
      >except I am sure I can't quit them until I come up with the unknown
      >useless info they want.
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