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915Yahoo is sometimes impossible

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  • Bob & Carol Yutzy
    Mar 31, 2002
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      This is about Yahoo problems and not specifically birds!

      I was wondering how many others are having impossible problems with
      Yahoo and editing their market preferences.

      I am into 3 hours over 3 days of wasting time and getting no results and
      Yahoo sending me the same useless information over and over.

      I sure yearn for a whole lot less email on Viagra/Herbal
      Viagra/HotBods/MortageLoans/ and the rest of the unwanted garbage - and
      just the requested BIRD info.

      I am ready to go to accessing the Calbirds website and quitting Yahoo -
      except I am sure I can't quit them until I come up with the unknown
      useless info they want.

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