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8901Bean Goose continues

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  • erpfromca@aol.com
    Nov 30, 2010
      Since I haven't seen any posts from others today I'll let folks know that I first saw the Bean Goose at 6:15AM with its 3 Greater White-fronted friends and thousands of white geese as they rose from an area NW of the Observation Platform on Vendel Rd. Watched them drop into the first large pond west of Vendel just north of the S curve and drove down there. Guy McCaskie had the birds in his scope. After a few minutes they flew off to the field south of the S curve and west of Vendel.

      Guy, Pete Ginsberg, and I tried for a long while to find the Curve-billed Thrasher at the Wister Unit. No luck until Guy and Pete left. Five minutes later the bird started singing from the west side of the road right across from the water tanks. Walked up and waited. It sang continuously (quitely) and finally walked out to within 8 feet of me, still singing with bill closed. Quite the view. Found one of the Neotropical Cormorants at Fig Lagoon.

      Ed Pandolfino
      Carmichael, CA

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