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851Be on the lookout for the Demoiselle Crane (was: Twenty-eight Sandhill Cranes, Lane)

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  • Matt Williams
    Mar 8, 2002
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      All OBOLers and Tweeters,

      As the Sandhill Cranes migrate, be on the lookout for the Demoiselle
      Crane in their midst.

      Please pass this on to other lists along the Sandhill Crane migration
      route to Alaska.

      Matt Williams
      El Macero (Davis), CA

      Don DeWitt wrote:

      > OBOL,
      > The Cranes were flying in a wide-V as they approached Lane Community
      > College southeast of Eugene this morning, March 7, at about 9:30.
      > They circled overhead for 5-10 minutes, vocalizing as usual, (possibly
      > complaining about the weather?) then re-formed into a V and resumed
      > their travels to the north. A dozen Western Bluebirds were active
      > along the powerline trail up Mt. Pisgah. In a blizzard at the top,
      > seventy-five Dark-eyed Juncos were unusually approachable in the grass
      > and on the muddy trail.
      > Don
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