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8394Most Unusual Hummingbird behavour

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  • john small
    Apr 4, 2010
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      Good Evening Birders, Early, early this morning,(Sunday 4-4-10), just after midnight outside my residence in Torrance, CA, which is in Los Angeles County, I had a most unusual hummingbird encounter. While resetting my hummingbird feeder window hook, I heard what I believed to be the sound of a hummingbirds wings over my left shoulder. And this just after midnight mind you, so I looked over to my left and lo and behold there is a large
      size hummingbird most likely an Anna's flying just a few inches from my head. The bird stayed for a couple of seconds, and then flew off. I never saw it again. Not an unusual bird sighting, but most unusual bird behavior, especially for a hummingbird.
      Good birding
      John Small
      Torrance, CA

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