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8323A.O.U. Pelagic from San Diego 13 Feb now open to the public

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  • thunefeld
    Jan 26 2:18 PM
      Phil Unitt asked me to pass his posting to SDBirds along to the CalBirds group:

      * * * * * * *

      Dear friends,

      As you may know, the Cooper Ornithological Society and American Ornithologists Union are having their annual meeting jointly in San Diego from 8 to 11 February. The pelagic trip scheduled for 12 February proved so popular we added another for the following day. As the trip is now just 3 weeks away and the second trip is not yet filled, it is now open to anyone.

      This is a full-day trip, 8 to 9 hours at sea, aboard the Grande. It will leave Fisherman's Landing at 6:30 AM and will visit Los Coronados Islands (site of the Brown Booby colony) as well as whatever hot spots our local experts, Dave Povey and Terry Hunefeld, who have their fingers on the pulse of the ocean, decide should be most productive. Price $80. Registration will be through a website set up by the conference managers. I will circulate the address as soon as it's set up, but you can reserve a space now by e-mailing me at birds@... or unitt@....

      Thanks very much to Terry Hunefeld for his help in making the arrangements and recruiting the experienced leaders we know and love. I will be on the boat that day too and look forward to seeing you then!

      Latest possibility to think of for a pelagic trip: Glaucous Gull. Yesterday Shauna Wolf found an ADULT Glaucous Gull dead on the Silver Strand and today brought it into the museum, to become only our second specimen ever of the Glaucous Gull for San Diego County. One of the few Glaucous Gulls I've seen previously was from a boat just a couple of miles off the Silver Strand....

      Good birding,

      Philip Unitt
      San Diego

      * * * * * * *

      Following the AOU trip, the San Diego Bird Festival Pelagic trips (two Manx Shearwaters, 2 Mew Gulls and a Blue-footed Booby seen last year) are scheduled for March 4, 6 and 7. The Sunday March 7 trip is nearly sold out already.

      Both the April and March trips will be checking to see just how long the Long-tailed Duck hangs out at Ballast Point in San Diego harbor.

      Details and registration/reservation links for the AOU Feb 13 trip and the March San Diego Bird Festival Trips (and all SoCal pelagics scheduled for 2010) are posted at: http://www.socalbirding.com/upcomingtrips.html

      W. Terry Hunefeld, Encinitas
      Life is short. Seabird often.
      In memory of Luke Cole
      "Come on out with us to see what's out there."

      Southern California Seabirding Trips
      by: Buena Vista Audubon Society
      Los Coronados Islands & Nine Mile Bank
      all the way to the edge of the Continental Shelf