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  • Jim Royer
    Dec 29, 2009
      I do not want to tie up CALBIRDS with a discussion of green birding or green
      birding records (which is perhaps not on topic for CALBIRDS), but I would
      appreciate feedback back to my email address from CALBIRD members in
      response to the following. I am sending this to you because I know of no
      other way to reach so many expert birders whose opinions I respect. Thanks.
      There has been talk in birding circles about listing green birding
      categories for big days, big years, etc., but it has generally not been too
      specific as to what categories could/should be counted. I list the following
      categories just as a starting point for discussion. The ABA does not seem
      receptive and so I will put many of these categories on my green birding web
      site (link below). Please let me know if you know of high numbers for the
      categories listed (I list some numbers I am aware of).

      1) Big Green Big Year (Bigby) � The number of species found in one
      calendar year without using any gas (walk, bike, canoe, etc.) and starting
      each birding trip at your regular residence or regular place of work. (See
      http://www.sparroworks.ca/bigby.html for details). The most I have heard of
      is 295 in a year by Andy Kleinhesselink and Josiah Clarke of San Francisco
      in 2008.
      2) Walking Bigby � Same as #1, but walking only.
      3) Public Transit Assisted Bigby � the same as #1, but the counter can
      use public buses, subways and trains. Should other forms such as ferries be
      ok? (Planes are not allowed.)
      4) Green Big Day � starting and finishing from home or your regular
      place of work, bird for a 24 hour day without using fuel. Should you be
      able to start or end somewhere else as long as you used no gas to get there
      and to return to home?
      5) Semi-green Big Day � birding for a 24 hour day and using no fuel,
      but starting and finishing anywhere. Ted Parker and Scott Robinson had 331
      species in Tambopata National Reserve, Peru, in 1982. Does anyone know the
      exact date?
      6) Big Sit � counting all the birds you see and hear in one day from a
      17� diameter circle. (See
      http://birdwatchersdigest.com/site/funbirds/bigsit/bigsit.aspx ) I would
      propose not limiting this number to the official big sit count date in
      October. Cape May had 146 species in a day this year but I don�t know if
      one person saw all of the species. Anyone know?
      7) Big Foot Hour � How many species can you find in one hour without
      using any gas � should it be ok to start somewhere other than home if
      you get to the start point and/or home from the finish, without using gas?
      Keith Hansen and Peter Pyle had 83 species in Bolinas, California in one
      8) Wheel Chair Big Green Big Year � I have no idea what numbers have
      been achieved and would like to hear from birders.
      9) Wheel Chair Green Big Day � again I have no idea but would like to
      hear what birders have achieved here.

      Any of these categories could be listed by state, country or continent. I
      would appreciate high numbers from anywhere. Please let me know if you thin
      additional categories would be desirable or if you would combine some of the
      above categories or eliminate some altogether.

      Jim Royer
      Los Osos, CA

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