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8172WHITE-CHINNED PETREL off Half Moon Bay.

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  • Alvaro Jaramillo
    Oct 18 9:08 PM

      Sequoia Audubon Society ran their first ever pelagic out of Half Moon
      Bay, San Mateo, today and it was fantastic! This tops the one last week for
      the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory where three species of albatross were
      seen (BF, Laysan, and Short-tailed). Today we struck gold with a
      White-chinned Petrel, if accepted a new record for California! The bird
      first was in the wake of the boat and wheeled off, fortunately we were able
      to make it come in to some chum and it gave some close passes before sitting
      behind the boat. Everyone on the boat had looks and we were able to study
      the features of the species. The bulky structure, short tail, large body,
      big belly of the bird were noticeably different from a Flesh-footed
      Shearwater (which we saw soon after this sighting). As well the bill was
      dull yellow to the tip, with each bill plate nicely outlined in black.
      Zooming up on photos we could see the small white chin patch, but this was
      not visible in the field. The bird was fresh looking and even in wear state.
      I should also mention we did see one or perhaps two Laysan Albatross today
      as well.
      I set up a quicky website to post a few of my photos of the petrel.
      Others on the boat were able to get much higher quality shots, and I look
      forward to seeing those (please send me the good ones all!). Here are the


      Thanks Jennifer Rycenga and Gary Dehgi for helping in the setup of this
      trip! Also for having the perserverance after being shut out by poor weather
      earlier in the fall.

      It was soooo Awesome!!!!


      Alvaro Jaramillo
      Half Moon Bay, California

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