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8071Great Knot-like thing or "Mulrooney's Surfknot" continues, 31 Aug. 2009

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  • Matt Sadowski
    Aug 31, 2009
      Some more photos have been added:

      Discussion on what this bird is continues (I'll let others post
      their own ideas). Showing that this bird is a hybrid (finding one or
      more Surfbird chararcters that Great Knot lacks) would seem to be
      pretty easy (much easier than showing that it is a pure Great Knot)
      but I'm not covinced that some of the characters brought up are
      definitive enough or are being seeing clearly enough to show
      Surfbird ancestry. There do seem to be a few things that are, to
      varing degrees, suggestive of hybrid origin (mostly the bill shape)
      that will likely keep this bird off the state list.

      The bird was roosting with Red Knots and a big flock of
      Black-bellied Plovers on the dry sandy site well north of the
      marsh/mudflats this morning but later moved south adjacent to the
      3-stone monument north of the viewing platform.

      Matt Sadowski
      Chula Vista, CA