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8017Join us in a letter to Senator Boxer on seabird conservation

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  • spectaclebear
    Aug 18, 2009
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      Dear California Conservation Colleagues,

      We invite you to join with the American Bird Conservancy and Audubon California to co-sign the attached letter encouraging leadership from Senator Barbara Boxer on a pending seabird conservation opportunity. An international treaty (Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels) aimed at protecting and restoring populations of these magnificent birds of the blue ocean is now heading to the US Senate. Senator Boxer, through her membership on the Foreign Relations Committee and as chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee is strategically positioned to drive this effort which has a direct relevance to birds off of our coast.

      A copy of the group letter is attached along with a fact sheet providing additional information. While urgent as a conservation problem this one can be solved through better international cooperation, keeping these magnificent birds safe from specific threats posed by deep ocean fisheries and dealing with invasive species on islands used by the birds for nesting.

      Your participation is welcome. A strong showing from the conservation leadership here in California will signal to Senator Boxer how relevant the issue is to the California environment.

      Please send your organization's endorsement and the endorser's name by email to Anna Weinstein, Seabird Conservation Coordinator for Audubon California at aweinstein@.... Our deadline is September 1 as we are hoping to have this letter wrapped up and delivered to the Senator when Congress resumes the following week.

      If you have any questions don't hesitate to connect with either Anna or me. Thanks very much for your consideration.

      Dan Taylor
      Director of Public Policy
      Audubon California
      765 University Avenue
      Sacramento, CA 95825
      916.719.2666 (mobile)