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7833NEW San Mateo County Birding Guide online

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  • Jennifer Rycenga
    Apr 3, 2009
      Dear California Birders and Visitors:

      Just in time for your intensive spring birding, Sequoia Audubon
      Society is happy to announce the debut of the online San Mateo County
      Birding Guide (SMCBG). It features full descriptions of multiple
      birding sites around our county. Each entry contains maps, pictures,
      web links, and more. Please take a test drive today, by accessing the
      website at http://birding.sequoia-audubon.org/ .

      In the mid-1990s, Sequoia Audubon published the second edition of San
      Francisco Peninsula Birdwatching. The new SMCBG builds from the
      accounts in that book, while editing them substantially to record
      changes and include new material. We are also adding many sites that
      were left uncovered, or only marginally mentioned in the book, due to
      space limitations. Because the SMCBG can be expanded, there will be
      many more sites added to the original twenty-eight that you will see
      if you visit today; I will announce, here on peninsula-birds, new
      sites as they are added. At the moment, seventy-five sites are
      projected; suggestions for new sites can be emailed to me. Look at
      what we've got, and what is still to come, at http://birding.sequoia-audubon.org/

      One of the best features of having this site guide on the web is that
      it can be easily revised. I know I am not an expert on every
      dimension of every site listed. If you find errors or items I or the
      other authors have overlooked, send me your suggestions for changes
      and improvements. If you want to even consider a major revision, just
      ask. If you want to contribute a photograph of a specific site, or a
      specific bird at a specific site, please look at the technical
      requirements for photos given in the "More Sites on the Way" page.

      There are a few special features worthy of mention on the SMCBG. Be
      certain to check out the "Help" and "Look Here" sections, located in
      the buttons atop the table of contents. The Help button will show you
      how to use the many fine map features built into the SMCBG. The Look
      Here category includes a set of county-wide birding routes (three to
      date), a list of sites to be added, a brief essay on the sometimes-
      intimidating traffic in our county, acknowledgements of both current
      authors and the original ones, guidelines for authors and
      photographers, and a copy of Francis Toldi's fine essay on the natural
      features of the county (it originally appeared in the San Mateo County
      Breeding Bird Atlas). http://birding.sequoia-audubon.org/ .

      The heart of the SMCBG consists of the site guides. Within each
      location guide, be sure to note the links to external websites, and
      the avian research aspects of the site (most notably how to enter your
      sightings into eBird to build the data base for each site). The SMCBG
      will be a place that encourages site-specific citizen-science
      participation from birders.

      Coming in the future, we hope to build a searchable species function,
      so that you can discover which San Mateo sites have been known to host
      your favorite birds. County routes for bike birding, birding by mass
      transit, birding by kayak, and Big Day Birding Routes are in
      development. There are also plans for a San Mateo County birding and
      Sequoia Audubon history page. Stay tuned!

      The migration of the San Francisco Peninsula Birdwatching book to the
      web as the San Mateo County Birding Guide is the result of the
      persistence and vision of the board of Sequoia Audubon Society, and
      the fine website design and birding enthusiasm of webmaster Bill Groll
      - webmaster@... . I have been serving as general
      editor, a task that means I have been able to explore the county more
      than ever. It also means that I will serve as the concierge to your
      increased participation in the site. Please direct all email
      regarding the SMCBG to me at the following email address: smcbgeditor@...

      It is the hope of all of us connected with this project that both
      locals and visitors to the San Francisco Bay Area will find this guide
      to be a significant aid to your birding explorations and exploits.
      Thank you for sharing your comments, observations, additions,
      compliments and complaints. Please feel free to share this
      announcement with others.

      Jennifer Rycenga
      Half Moon Bay, CA
      General Editor, SMCBG
      email for SMCBG material = smcbgeditor@...
      http://birding.sequoia-audubon.org/ .

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