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7831Re: [inlandcountybirds] raven roosts

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  • Lance Benner
    Mar 31, 2009
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      The NASA-Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex has a site used as a communal roost at least occasionally. It's at DSS-14, the 70-meter telescope at the north end of the facility and about 53 miles by road north of Barstow. I've seen dozens of common ravens roosting there numerous times since 1996, but I don't go out there often enough to know if they still use it regularly. When the birds are present, they roost on the beams under the dish.

      The Goldstone complex is part of NASA's Deep Space Network and is not open to the public except during organized tours and the occasional open house.

      Regarding using roosts as information centers, Bernd Heinrich discusses that possibility for common ravens in Maine in his book "Ravens in Winter" and concludes that it's real.


      Lance Benner
      Altadena, CA

      ---- paul jorgensen <jorgy@...> wrote:
      > Does anyone know of large communal raven roosts, either here in California or elsewhere? Here in the desert of Borrego Springs, NE San Diego County, we have a perennial roost in a eucalyptus/date palm grove of 1500 or more ravens.
      > Some researchers report that the roost acts as an "information center" regarding food sources.
      > Based on what I have gathered, ours is a large roost. Crow roosts are known to be huge in comparison. I'll be checking the BNA species account as soon as I can get access to it.
      > Paul Jorgensen
      > 760 625-7659