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7476Success finding California Condors

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  • CindySchotte
    Oct 1, 2008
      I'd like to thank all who replied to my RFI concerning California
      Condor locations and I'm pleased to report that my friends from the UK
      and I were successful. On the 23rd of September, we found 15 or 16
      birds along Rt. 1 about 5 miles south of the entrance to Pfeiffer-Big
      Sur State Park. When we came upon them, most were soaring along the
      face of the bluff on the inland side of the road so the views were
      outstanding. As we watched, they gradually gained altitude and
      disappeared over the top of the bluff, leaving us delighted and impressed.

      The day was sunny and very warm and we found them sometime around
      noon. We would probably have missed them if we had arrived in the
      area as little as 15 minutes later or if it had been foggy. It might
      be worth mentioning that we had stopped at Park HQ to ask if any birds
      were in the area and we had been told that the staff did not know of
      any sightings.

      Good birding,
      Cynthia Schotte
      Malibu, CA
      caniswatch at earthlink dot net