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7416isabelline california towhee ? huntington beach central park late post

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  • allisonshock
    Sep 2, 2008
      For those interested in these things, I observed a bird that appeared
      to be an aberrant-plumaged California towhee while birding in
      Huntington Beach Central Park on Sunday 31 Aug 2008. It was a bright
      buffy color, feeding on the ground with two typically-plumaged Ca
      towhees. It flew up into a tree a short distance from me, and I
      photo'd it (photo and more details posted at:
      I believe it to be an Isabelline Ca towhee. This individual may be
      known by local birders; I'm from out of state. Beg pardon if this is
      old news!
      Good birding,
      Allison Shock
      Scottsdale AZ