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7264Re: [CALBIRDS] Finding Calliope Hummingbird?

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  • debbie viess
    Jun 2, 2008
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      In light of this message, I couldn't resist posting
      yesterday's sighting... while waiting for one of our
      BAMS (Bay Area Mycological Society) members to return
      from the field, along the Southern flank of Mt.
      Shasta, my friend Larry Stickney was leaning up
      against a rock, wearing a sweatshirt with several
      colorful amanita mushrooms on it. Up buzzed a Calliope
      hummingbird, who attempted to "drink" from the bright
      scarlet amanita muscaria so depicted! Perhaps it was
      just a foolish fledge. At any rate, all I saw was the
      fat bumblebee sized bird zipping off, but my friend
      Larry looked it in the eye!

      BTW, the town and store in mountain hummingbird
      country is called Bassetts, the time is now. The SFSU
      Field Station, along Hwy. 49, also has a hummingbird
      feeder outside the porch of its dining hall, where the
      calliope frequently perch to feed. Ask Jim Steele,
      Station director, for permission to check it out.
      Dippers often nest under the bridge leading onto
      campus as well.

      Debbie Viess

      ps this location is a bit north of Tahoe, but very
      much worth it, in terms of bird quality and quantity.
      Again, ask Jim Steel for directions to the Sierraville
      Marsh to the East, another birding hotspot. Other
      members of this list may also be able to give you good
      directions to this uniquely beautiful and bountifully
      birdy, hi-elevation freshwater marsh.

      --- sblauman1 <sblauman1@...> wrote:

      > Hi Birders,
      > Can anyone tell me of a reliable location to find
      > Calliope Hummingbird
      > and the best dates? I am hoping for a location from
      > Lake Tahoe south to
      > and including Yosemite.
      > Thank you,
      > Sara Blauman
      > Stockton
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