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6941Golden Eagles , Red Tails and Burrowing Owls:

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  • Richard Cimino
    Jan 2, 2008
      Golden Eagles of California.
      This mornings SF Chronicle has a revealing article on the Altamont Pass
      wind farm / wind turbine deadly toll of our eagles,raptors and owls.
      Go to: www.sfgate.com;
      The full story appearing on paper is on SFC home page, (easy access) line
      for you to read.
      I have included many of the California interior birding links because these
      birders are not seeing the number of raptors and owls of years past.
      The article indicates that formal eagle, Raptor and Owl deaths for the
      Altamont was up to 4,721 individual bird deaths.
      Certainly in my mind, my opinion is the Altamont Pass wind farms can be
      consider for a per-cent age of decline.
      A birder posted this AM from Salton Sea that Burrowing Owls are not being
      In year 2006, >> 300+ Burrowing Owls were killed on Altamont pass alone.
      What about song birds? Patterson Pass a few miles south of Altamont Pass
      (also laced with wind mills) is a key Alameda County song bird migration
      funnel in the spring.
      Please read this article.
      Please pardon my cross posting of this information.

      Richard Cimino
      Ohlone Audubon Conservation Chair
      Pleasanton, Alameda County, Cal.
      ABA member 94566
      The future is already here. It's just not evenly distributed - William