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6890Re: [CALBIRDS] Re: [BirdingCalifornia] Photo copyright infringement

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  • Don Roberson
    Dec 1, 2007
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      This is probably inappropriate for this group. However, the law is
      not as Jim Greaves states. Rather, he attempts to state the "fair use
      doctrine" part of copyright law, and is only partially correct. Use
      of photos by teachers or anyone else can be a violation of copyright
      law, and profit or non-profit motivation is not conclusive. For this
      reason, I routinely get email requests from teachers around the world
      requesting to use my photos in a class project, and I almost always
      say "yes." But it is violation of a photographer's copyright to use
      the photo without permission.

      The "fair use doctrine" is summarized nicely on line at
      As to photos, it is my understanding from additional reading and on-
      line discussions that low resolution use of a photo in a scholarly,
      non-profit on-line project is permissible only if the maximum
      dimensions of the photo use do not exceed 200 pixels [e.g., 200
      pixels wide, or 200 pixels high, max], and if accompanied by credit.

      I think this thread should be closed at this point.

      Don Roberson
      Pacific Grove CA
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