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6845collection of oil spill birds in East Bay

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  • tertial
    Nov 15, 2007
      Oiled bird catchers,

      Speaking for the Response, please do not attempt to capture oiled
      birds from the spill. We have search & collection crews with near
      100% coverage of the central Bay and outer coast (from Pillar Pt to Pt
      Reyes). The hotspots are being covered multiple times per day.

      Our problem in the East Bay has been that the live oiled birds (mostly
      Surf Scoters, Greater Scaup, Eared and Horned Grebes) are quite
      difficult to capture along rip-rap shorelines and narrow beaches
      (Richmond to Alameda). We have been most successful by letting them
      get comfortable onshore during the day and getting them after dark
      using spotlights and very long-handled nets. Unfortunately,
      well-meaning members of the public have been pushing the birds into
      the water while attempting to capture them. We have been posting some
      wardens at places to keep the public away until our after-dark
      operations. This may appear that we are just letting the birds
      suffer, but it is really the best way to capture them.

      Please feel free to report oiled birds (NOT TO MY EMAIL) by calling
      877-823-6926. All these reports are being carefully documented (I've
      seen them) are we have been able to adjust response accordingly.


      Steve Hampton
      Calif. Dept of Fish & Game