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660Re: [CALBIRDS] Masked Booby

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  • Douglas Aguillard
    Jan 18, 2002
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      I have kept rather quiet on this issue, but finally I will address it. The
      La Jolla Booby was NOT KILLED BY THE PHOTOGRAPHERS. If it is indeed DEAD!
      (We don't know this to be true, and probably never will). There were
      unusually high waves that entire week. The bird was swept into the rock
      crevices along the cliffs at least twice during that week. If it was
      killed, then it was Mother Nature that did it. The bird was photographed at
      close ranges by photographers, but never appeared to be stressed by them.
      The entire name of "Booby" came from the sailors who observed that the
      birds were not afraid of humans, and would allow close approached.

      IMHO, the bird was more stressed by the Western Gulls, than by any human.
      Yes, I heard that there was a few people who got within a few feet of the
      bird, and yes I would say,that is too close, but most of the photographers
      stayed back at least 30 feet or more. I am sick and tire of hearing about
      morals and ethics. How many of you go to your local clubs and enjoy the
      slide shows, or the Nature Shows on television, or even the photographic
      field guides? How do you think they get those fantastic shots? From a mile
      away? NOT!!!

      I have seen more birders trespass on lands, that are legally posted with
      "No Trespassing" signs, and have even heard about birds being killed by
      non-photographic birders. I have never heard of a photographer killing a
      bird. The "Non-legal" signs at La Jolla Cove are meant to protect the City
      of San Diego from the idiots who jump off the cliffs and into the ocean,
      not so that people can not enjoy the view. the wooden boardwalk along that
      cliff has a very large opening right onto the area in question, so that
      people can go onto the cliffs. I have seen Professional Ornithologist kill
      birds under the pretense of scientific study, when it was more of the
      keeping the "Baseball-card type" of collecting. I see hunters allowed on
      Refuges and Sanctuaries to kill, but again to date, have I ever seen a
      photographers kill a bird.

      Learn the facts, not everything you read is true.

      Doug Aguillard
      San Diego, CA

      At 10:03 PM 1/18/2002 +0000, topazlisa wrote:
      >This issue has not been addressed and very well should be. A bird, just
      >because it was in a place not normally seen, was hounded
      >to injury and probable death. This was done, according to the posts, not
      >just by new birders "who didn't know better" but by "dedicated
      >birders". With the pictures to prove it.
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