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657Masked Booby

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  • topazlisa
    Jan 18, 2002
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      This issue has not been addressed and very well should be. A
      bird, just because it was in a place not normally seen, was hounded
      to injury and probable death. This was done, according to the posts,
      not just by new birders "who didn't know better" but by "dedicated
      birders". With the pictures to prove it.
      In good conscience I feel as if I have to unsubscribe to this
      and the other bird lists I am on. If I'm lucky enough to find a real
      rarity, I will watch it and then quietly walk away telling no one but
      my life list and my husband. I know many will not agree with me but
      I'll sleep better knowing I am not the cause of some bird's death.
      Many people speak of morals, ethics and responsibility I believe
      there are many people who need to re-examine their values.

      Lisa Trueman
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