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646Re: [CALBIRDS] Masked Booby

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  • Ed Stonick
    Jan 13, 2002
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      I believe it may have been a factor. We saw the Booby last Sunday morning,
      and there was at least one photographer who walked out on the rock, right
      past the warning signs. Ironically, she was in a position about 10-15 from
      the bird but unable to see it because it was over a short rise. The spot
      where the bird actually was, however, was too high to be affected by waves.
      Another observer had been there a few days earlier when someone walked out
      to get a closer look at the bird and wound up flushing it.


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      > I just read, with great disappointment, of the possible death of the
      > Masked Booby. I sincerely hope that is not the case. I was fortunate to
      > there on New Years day when it made a truly grand entry. Another birder,
      > who was there that day, wrote that he had returned to see it about a week
      > later. He was amazed to see a number of birders standing ON the spot
      > the Booby had first landed that day. Having seen that spot myself, I
      > not imagine people being out there. I have not been back to the site
      > since. Am I wrong? Are those cliffs an area that is open and accessible
      > to the public? Knowing that there are dozens of possible reasons that the
      > Masked Booby was perched " where the Booby was very low on the cliffs,
      > the water, and a large wave swept the booby into a crevice"
      > The question must be asked, were birders occupying it's preferred perches?
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