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6444Re: [CALBIRDS] Visiting California RFI.

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  • Steve Sosensky
    Aug 1, 2007
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      Hi Bob,

      Harrison's two seabird books (one illustrated, the other
      photographic) are both very good, but you don't always get looks that
      let you rely on plumage. Debi Shearwater has a video called "Through
      the Seasons" that shows you flight patterns as well. When you get to
      Storm-Petrels, this is often the easier way to get an ID if you know
      what to look for.

      There is also a good book on dolphins and whales, but I don't have it
      here at my desk and can't remember the author or the exact name.

      At 04:40 PM 2007-07-31, B C wrote:
      >Hello. This is my first post in the California Birds
      >forum. I live in NJ and I will almost assuredly visit
      >California in October, mostly for seabirds and marine
      >mammals. I will be staying in Torrance, but will
      >spend at least 2 days in Monterey (one of which will
      >be on a pelagic trip). I was wondering what books you
      >might suggest on IDing California birds/sea
      >mammals/sharks, etc. And if you have any suggestions
      >of 'must see' areas (from Torrance to Monterey or so),
      >please let me know! Please reply via email so as not
      >to crowd the list. Thank you very much!

      Good birding,

      Steve Sosensky,
      SoCA Bird Guides <steve at sosensky.com> www.sosensky.com/guides
      Nature Photos www.sosensky.com/nature_photos.htm
      Optics4Birding <steve at optics4birding.com> www.optics4birding.com
      Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 949-269-2161 33.56485 N, 117.72205 W
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