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6424Re: [CALBIRDS] Lesser Frigatebird?

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  • Bruce Deuel
    Jul 17, 2007
      I was on the coast this weekend, talking with a number of fishermen who are saying the water off Humboldt Co. is very warm right now, with albacore plentiful not far offshore. Could this have any bearing on the appearance of the possible Lesser Frigatebird? I know we've had such conditions before, without getting any Lesser Frigatebirds, but just wondering.

      Bruce Deuel

      >>> "wagtail042000" <wagtail042000@...> 7/17/2007 7:42 AM >>>
      Brian and all, Couldnt find your photo on Flickr, but I did see it on
      Ron's site next to a photo of a female? Lesser Frigatebird.I have a
      copy of Peter Harrison's "Seabirds, an Identification Guide",1983,
      Houghton Mifflin, in which he gives full treatment to all plumages of
      all species of Frigatebirds.The grayish head washed with rusty red, and
      the white spur extending into the underside of the wing from the
      axillaries points to a second stage juvenile or immature female Lesser
      Frgatebird.Lessers breed in the SW Pacific, and might this bird be
      following the Shearwaters as they move south along our coast in the
      summer, early fall? Craig Miller, Sutter Creek Ca.

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