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6258Re: [CALBIRDS] A few corrected facts about Calbirds

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  • debbie viess
    May 14, 2007
      I greatly appreciate the work that you do to make
      this list a go. Calbirds is not only a place where I
      can share and learn about "of the moment" bird
      sightings throughout California, but an interesting
      community of like-minded individuals. If folks are up
      at arms, it is because they care, and don't want to
      lose this wonderful community, one established over
      many years and through many changes.

      I feel priviledged to be a part of Calbirds, and I
      hope to see it continue, in whatever form it takes,
      for many more years. California is a great big place,
      and it takes many voices and perspectives to hear and
      see the big picture; Calbirds has provided a unique
      and timely window into the fascinating world of
      California birds and birding.

      Debbie Viess

      aguillard2469 <doug@...> wrote:

      > When this poll started, I had hoped that it would be
      > pretty straight
      > forward about it's intentions, and people would just
      > vote on it. But
      > some have started to mis-quote, name call, and do
      > other wierd things,
      > so I will try and straighten up some things for all.
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