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6247A few corrected facts about Calbirds

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  • aguillard2469
    May 13, 2007
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      When this poll started, I had hoped that it would be pretty straight
      forward about it's intentions, and people would just vote on it. But
      some have started to mis-quote, name call, and do other wierd things,
      so I will try and straighten up some things for all.

      Calbird (Not Calbirds) was started by a former California birder
      named Hank Brokin back in the early to mid 1990's (I believe). It was
      started so that California birders could share information about
      rarities and other birding type things in California (correct me if
      I'm wrong Hank).

      When Hank and Priscilla moved to Southeast Arizona, Hank handed
      control of Calbird over to Christopher Taylor (teenage son of bird
      photographer Monte Taylor) who was a birder at that time in his life.
      As with all teenagers, his interest went other places.

      When Calbird completely failed to operate. Steve Sosenky and I (no
      one else was involved) started Calbirds on the Yahoo Groups. We
      invited Joe Morlan to become a Moderator to help us, as we figured
      with his experiance and being from Northern California would balance
      out the two Moderators in Southern California. I had already been
      running SDBirds since the early 1990's on different Listservs before
      migrating the list to Yahoo.

      To start off on the current matter. This action was not started by
      the "Elitist". I am not a member of the CBRC, and will never see an
      invite from them to join it. So get that out of your heads. This is
      not an attempt to keep any non advanced birder down!!!.

      We as Moderators, do not operate Calbirds with a Heavy hand. We
      merely hold people to the guidelines and rules that have long been
      established, and you folks have no clue, how many attacks (Spam,
      viruses, & other things) attempt to make it to you all through
      Calbirds. One regional group, just had to start another list, all
      over because they were being knocked out by spammers.

      Being that Calbirds is the senior list in California, a discussion
      was started by me, on the Bird Group Moderators List. Last fall, I
      discovered that many rare or unusal birds were being reported to the
      different regional list, and not to Calbirds. I asked for all of the
      Bird group owners to help out in getting information about rarities
      in their areas reported to Calbirds. I basically asked that if
      a "really good bird" (translated- a rarity) shows up in your area,
      and it's reported to your list, but not Calbirds, then please pass
      the information along to Calbirds. Guess What folks? out of the 20
      plus list in California, only 5-6 groups stated that they would help
      out. You'd be surprised who did not respond, and then they have
      written E-mails here stating that they do not want Calbirds to change.

      For the mis-information that is starting to pop up, my original E-
      mail stated "that if Calbirds does change (by vote only), then except
      for the bird species reported to Calbirds, NOTHING ELSE would change".

      I hope this clarifies some of these discussions. It's okay to shake
      things up once in awhile, but do it with facts-"only the facts".


      Douglas Aguillard
      Calbirds Listowner
      San Diego, CA
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