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6246Re: [CALBIRDS] poll questions

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  • Lilith Mageborn
    May 13, 2007
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      Hear hear hear.

      I've posted to this list whenever I prepare for a trip outside of Orange
      County (and the greater LA Metro area), and the help and recommendations
      I've received has been fantastic. I've also enjoyed trip reports from
      others because they give me a better idea where to find certain birds. At
      present, I've passed the 250-bird mark on my life list, most of which
      were within California, so I'm certainly not an expert birder. I'm
      constantly learning (and getting egg on my face every other season), and
      I'm enjoying adding to my life list. I'm very holistically-oriented; I'm
      aware of how much birds impact surroundings and surroundings impact
      birds. So backyard birds, beached birds, migrating flocks changing their
      itineraries, and the like, all such reports interest me very much.

      None of this would have been possible if Calbirds had narrowed its scope.

      Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

      Sue Jorgenson
      Anaheim CA

      (PS/ I've been trying to find a statewide or a local group for New Mexico
      birding on YahooGroups, since
      I'll be in Santa Fe mid-July -- to no avail. Anyone? Thanks! sj)

      On Sun, 13 May 2007 14:21:03 -0700 "Alvaro Jaramillo"
      <chucao@...> writes:
      > Well said Debbie et al.
      > Calbirds does not, and need not be just about rare birds. It
      > should also
      > be about rare or interesting occurrences, and a place where one can
      > get the
      > big picture.
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