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609Masked Booby to Golden-winged and Bay-breasted Warblers

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  • cinty262001
    Jan 5, 2002
      hey there.....just an update for today Jan 5

      Today, Andrew Birch, Thom Rahn and I went down to San Diego and
      worked our way back up to LA county

      The MASKED BOOBY was showing extremely well this morning. It flew off
      at around 8 AM (although we heard later that it came back mid-

      The HARLEQUIN DUCK at De Anza cove in the SE corner of Mission Bay
      was sitting on a buoy near the boat docks.

      At the San Diego River Flood Control Channel we had 1 REDDISH EGRET

      The female GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER showed well at the Orange County
      Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa shortly after noon. It was in the elms
      between the Amphitheatre and Arlington Rd (Park in Lot 4). Along the
      hillslope of the Amphitheatre, there was a BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER
      and a HERMIT WARBLER in a mixed species flock (moving around in the
      dense pines).

      We then went on over to El Dorado Regional Park in Long Beach and
      found Kimball Garrett's BAY-BREASTED WARBLER. It was extremely
      cooperative and we got good views for about 20 minutes until we got
      bored and moved on. It was in a pine tree along the fenceline which
      separates the archery range from Area II. It was towards the western
      end of the fenceline and stayed at about mid-height in a pine tree
      during the whole time we were observing it. It was hanging out with a
      mixed species flock of Yellow-rumps, several Townsend's and one Black-
      throated Gray Warbler. Nice bird.

      cin-ty lee