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6082Silverwood Lake Bald Eagle Count

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  • mikeyreactor
    Mar 11, 2007
      As a recent convert to birding, I would like to thank the folks who
      conducted the Bald Eagle count at Silverwood Lake (near Hesperia, CA)
      for a wonderful day of birdwatching at a gorgeous location on
      Saturday, 3.10.

      Approximately 80 volunteer "counters" (from 6 to 80, literally) were
      broken into 5 groups. Two lucky groups were priviliged to see at
      least one of two adult Bald Eagles that were spotted in the area
      before their anticipated migration to Northern Canada.

      Beside the eagles, the many other birds spotted in the Silverwood
      Lake area included:
      Common Mergansers
      Double-crested coromorants
      Anna's Hummingbirds
      12-15 Great Blue Herons
      Red-tailed Hawks
      Cooper's Hawks
      Turkey Vultures
      20+ Double-crested Cormorants
      Western Scrub Jays
      Steller's Jays
      Tree Swallows
      Great-tailed Jackles
      Northern Flicker
      Purple Finches
      California Quails

      This was a perfect birding day! Be prepared for the next Bald Eagle
      count in December. For more information, call: (760) 389-2303

      David A. Lee
      West Hollywood, CA